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Reagan Stannard

Reagan Stannard

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Reagan Stannard



Power (This is your superpower. You’re only allowed one. Try to be as creative and unique as possible. You’re not allowed to replicate anyone’s Power. For example; if someone has super speed, someone else can’t sign up with super speed.): 
Enenra- Possessed by a deity promising him ways to overcome what he presumes his deepest flaws, with Enenra, Reagan is able to control smoke and us it to his advantage. Whether this be using it as a way to retreat, or using it to faze through objects he can do what he pleases. Along with this he is able increase the internal and external temperatures of anything he touches increasing the damage output of something as simple as a rock turning it into a deadly projectile. When possessed by Enenra, Reagan's fighting prowess increase and he becomes adept at close quarter combat. A fully possessed Reagan also is able to teleport himself, and opponents when the situation arises

Character Description & Personality (Use this to go into detail on how your character acts, thinks, performs in the story, their flaws, and weaknesses, everything that makes your character special.):  
Reagan being a free-spirit tends to never weigh the cost against the benefit. He sees the outcomes as something he can manage when it gets there, and so always gets into trouble. Enenra has helped him fix this a bit, but even then Reagan always goes with his initial gut feeling. He can hold his own, but due to the agreement if it seems like Reagan is in over his head, Enenra is free to come out.

When Enenra is out you can see the personality shift from care-free to a precise ego maniac, because that is what Enenra is. He toys with people, and he likes it when he gets advantage of them. And because of this he is deadly, always egging on others until they slip up and he can take advantage. 

With this said Reagan is far from an idiot but is very high temper and will more than likely fight with emotion rather than insight, making him culpable to those who think before they swing. Enenra on the other hand believes himself superior so will go in letting people do whatever, sometimes this is a downfall for Enenra, but when the going gets tough, he retreats.

Character Backstory (The history and lore behind your character. Where they're from, what their life was like, and other important or interesting information from their past.):

Reagan was born into a tough life on the streets, bouncing from foster home to foster home due to lack of interest in wanting to have a family. Always a free spirit he would leave home to try and make his luck out in the world, either getting into trouble in the process or living his life as a success in his eyes. When he met Enenra at 17 he was promised ways to live his life, finally independent and free of the people he believed were holding him back. Enenra has been using Reagan's body as a shuttle for the past 5 years, always keeping him safe in times of trouble, whether that was taking over in fights until it became muscle memory for Reagan to do on his own, or making sure to give his vessel advice during times of disaster. It was a win-win, Reagan was finally free to roam, and Enenra found a way to keep on living.

Desire for entering Project Hybrid: Living free requires expense and Enenra is always up to making other people feel small
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Reagan Stannard
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